Aims and Objectives

  • The network will identify and bring together individuals and groups, largely based in the UK, already addressing or invested in exploring representations of Renaissance history across and between genres, cultures and disciplines. The proposed activities willl establish productive, working relations via the creative interdisciplinary dialogue generated from and between five key events.
  • By concentrating on all types of filmic and performative examples, this network will spotlight and investigate the corpus of hybrid representations of the years between 1500 and 1660 (including the history film, the television period drama, television history, docu-drama, themed museum exhibitions, reenactment experiences and historically situated operatic and theatrical initiatives). In so doing, the network will address the main sources through which the early modern period is interpreted and will enable an interdisciplinary identification of recurrent conjunctures of representation, time-bound moments of interest, resonant thematic clusters and productive possibilites for research. 
  • The network will address the ways in which representations of the Renaissance change according to time, place and medium. Particular attention will be paid to the effect of contextual and political concerns on artists and producers, and the fluctuating aesthetics of visual interpretation.
  • The network will foster a new interdisciplinary methodology which, pooling multiple perspectives, will work to dislodge the academic pre-eminence of Shakespeare and the written text, significantly substituting a more generous and nuanced acknowledgement of the ways in which the ‘Renaissance’ is made to signify across disciplines and in relation to a whole series of events and personalities.
  • The integration of these objectives in a number of quality research outputs, including an edited collection.
  • The network will promote the development of postgraduate students, within Queen’s and elsewhere, through the professional organization of publicity and events, the delivery of work-in-progress and the nurturing of networked relations.