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The final meeting of the networks project will take the form of a seminar at the meeting of the British Shakespeare Association at King's College, London, 11-13 September 2009. A description of the seminar can be found below as well as information about the conference:

Filming and Performing Renaissance History

Over the last one hundred years, many of the events and personalities of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries have been brought, via a variety of visual mediums, before home, cinema, exhibition, festival and theatrical audiences. This seminar session aims to address and investigate these representations in terms of the ways in which the early modern period is interpreted and re-interpreted in the popular consciousness. Concentrating on all types of filmic and performative examples, and posing questions about the constructedness of images of the Renaissance and the circulation of dominant visual signatures, the session will range across celluloid, theatrical performance, television, documentary and re-enactment ‘experiences’ so as to illuminate both modalities of historical representation and the means whereby the Renaissance is accessed in modernity. Practitioners, teachers, curators, historians, heritage officers and museum studies specialists are welcome, as are papers from non-Anglophone perspectives. The seminar is not a Shakespeare session per se; however, papers discussing Shakespeare as a conduit to an understanding of the Renaissance period are also welcome.

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