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Postgraduate Taught Degree

Lauren Swiney and Sarah Allen, MAs 2010


The MA in Cognition and Culture enables students to acquire an advanced understanding of the theoretical and methodological traditions associated with the study of cognition and culture, either as a foundation for doctoral research at the ICC (or at any other related program) or as a means of furthering their personal and professional development. The students shall identify and analyse the evolutionary and cultural frameworks that underlie human mind and behaviour and take these into account in designing, pursuing and interpreting research.


The structure of the MA in Cognition and Culture enables students to obtain training in anthropological and psychological research methods whilst gaining an understanding of the interdisciplinary issues coming from the domain of the cognitive and evolutionary sciences.

The MA is undertaken full time over 12 months, beginning by the end of September of each year (There is also the possibility of enrolling in the program as a part-time student, in which case the duration of the MA becomes 24 months). The programme consists of six modules (courses): four taught modules (courses), which will be assessed by coursework, and a dissertation between 12,000-12,500 words (double module/course). The four modules are designed to enable students to undertake significant research and to produce a dissertation. Candidates who pass the four taught modules but do not submit a dissertation, or who submit an unsatisfactory dissertation, will be awarded a Postgraduate Diploma. During the MA, all students are invited to participate as a research assistant on laboratory studies being led by ICC staff member or PhD students in order to acquire additional training.

Modules (click here for full module/course descriptions

Semester 1

ANT7019 Evolution and Human Behavior (20 CATS)

SOC9012 Approaches to Social Research (20 CATS)* Faculty training spine A (10 CATS) Faculty training spine B (10 CATS)

Semester 2

ANT7021 Cognitive Science of Religion (20 CATS)

ANT7020 Social Cognition (20 CATS)

SOC9056 Quantitative Data Analysis: Foundational (10 CATS)*

SOC9057 Quantitative Data Analysis: Intermediate (10 CATS)*

Third term

ANT7025 Dissertation [60 CATS]


* Indicates 2014-2015 only.

Degree Requirements

Candidates will normally be expected to hold an upper second class honours degree or GPA of 3.3 or above in an appropriate field (anthropology, psychology and cognate disciplines) from a recognised institution. Applications from suitably qualified overseas students are very welcomed.

For further information contact Dr Paulo Sousa ( 

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