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A career in law

Law as a profession is one of the most scrutinised and quality-conscious in the spectrum. Governed by the Council of Legal Education which includes The Law Society, The Bar Council and Queen's University Belfast, the course we offer is of the highest possible quality and the most widely recognised. Choosing a career in law is to reach for a central role in our society serving justice. Law affects everyone daily and to play a role in the complex system of law is to provide a much-needed service. Solicitors and barristers are present at the most difficult times in peoples' lives.

Starting a law career at the Institute of Professional Legal Studies provides the best possible route to success. We work closely with people from all academic origins including those who have switched from other disciplines as diverse as accountancy, medicine and teaching.

The Internet Grammar of English

As you may know there is a degree of concern amongst employers generally about the standard of grammar displayed by graduate employees.  This is reflected in the views of the legal profession and in members of the judiciary.

With this in mind you will find it useful to access the following website: which provides a very useful set of online exercises in grammar and punctuation which has been designed specifically for university students.

photo of belfast courts
photo of the inside of a courtroom

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