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Eoin Higgins Memorial Moot 2009

The annual Eoin Higgins Memorial Moot, which is contested between the Institute of Professional Legal Studies, Belfast, and King's Inns, Dublin, was hosted this year by the Institute at the Royal Courts of Justice, Belfast.

The topic of this year's moot problem concerned a fictional scenario based upon the right to freedom of expression, as enshrined in Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights, with King's Inns arguing the case for the Appellant, and the Institute arguing the case for the Respondent.

The contest was heard and adjudicated upon by the "Moot Court of Appearl", which consisted of Mr Justice Fennelly, who was the visiting guest judge from the Republic of Ireland, Mr Justice Morgan, and Mr Justice McCloskey, who were the guest judges from Northern Ireland.

The contest was keenly fought, as both teams made their opening submissions, followed by rebuttal, and closing submissions, whereupon the judges left the court to consider their decision.  After a period of private deliberation, the judges re-entered the court, where the presiding judge of the contest, Mr Justice Fennelly, gave the judges' appraisal and delivered the verdict that the winner of this year's competition was the Institute of Professional Legal Studies.  Following the announcement of the decision, the Eoin Higgins Memorial Moot trophy was presented to the winning Institute team, which comprised Christopher Gibson, Brian O'Sullivan, Patrick Savage and William Sinton, whilst the win in this year's competition meant that the Institute have now won the trophy two year's running.

Christopher Gibson - Bar Trainee

Christopher Gibson and Brian O'Sullivan

William Sinton and Patrick Savage

King's Inn Team

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