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Mr Paul Mageean, LLB (QUB), Solicitor - leader of the admissions team; 

Senior Lecturer and Associate Director:
Mrs Barbara Jemphrey, LLB (QUB), CPLS, PGCHET, Solicitor

Lecturer and Associate Director:

Mr Martin O’Brien, LLB (QUB), CPLS, LLM, Barrister-at-Law

Senior Lecturers:

Mrs Ruth Craig, LLB (QUB), CPLS, Solicitor

Ms Fiona Donnelly, LLB (QUB), CPLS, LLM, Solicitor

Mrs Áine Maxwell, LLB (QUB), CPLS, PGCHET, Solicitor 

Ms Mary Traynor, LLB (QUB), DPLS, Solicitor

Mrs Gillian McGaughey, LLB (QUB), CPLS, Barrister-at-Law


Clerical Staff

Institute of Professional Legal Studies
10 Lennoxvale
Belfast BT9 5BY

Tel: 028 9097 5567
Fax: 028 9066 1192


Vulnerable Witness Conference

Wednesday 12th November 2014

Vulnerable Witness Conference Booking Form