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College Application Process

QUB Lanyon Building

College Application Process - Associate Colleges

Prospective candidates for undergraduate and postgraduate study must select and register with one of these colleges; it will be this college that the majority of your time at Queen's will be spent, particularly if you are studying for a single honours degree in Theology.

Once you have made your selection you should follow the link below to the college of your choice; this link will connect you to the college application form.  The form must be downloaded, completed and returned to the relevant college. 

Please note that the college application process is a separate process from the application you have made to the University.  College selection and registration is a matter of student choice and  the University has no role to play in this matter.

Union Theological College

Belfast Bible College


College Application Process - Affiliate Colleges


Prospective candidates should contact Affiliate Colleges direct for details on that college's application process.