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Modules: Full Listing



The Institute of Theology offer a wide range of courses for students in Stages 1, 2 and 3.  Students should contact the Institute Office or each individual College (Union Theological College or Belfast Bible College) to ask for information on what is available each year, and in which semester, along with the College's full-year timetable.

The following modules at Level 1 are offered every year:


1001 Old Testament 1
1002 Introduction to Jesus
1012 Biblical Texts
1031 Early Church History
1043 Introduction to Pastoral Theology
1045 Introduction to Theological Thinking
1046 Biblical Languages (Greek and Hebrew)

At Level 2 the following modules will be offered in 2014-2015

2001 Old Testament Selected Texts
2003 Old Testament Historical Books
2011 New Testament Epistles A
2026 Biblical Hebrew Texts
2027  New Testament Greek Texts
2039 The Christian Doctrinal Tradition
2051 C.S. Lewis: Christian author and apologist
2055 In search of the Good Life:
2057 Youth Ministry 1
2061 Study of World Religions
2069 The Theology and Practice of Pastoral Care
2084 Revelation
2097 Christianity in Ireland


At Level 3 the following modules will be offered in 2014-2015:


3006 Old Testament Theology
3007 The Megillot
3014 John
3021 Advanced Hebrew
3023  Aramaic
3025 Advanced Greek texts
3031 Patristic Literature
3040  Western Christian Spirituality
3043 Trends in Modern Theology
3047 Missiology
3050 Church, Ministries and Society
3054 Current Issues in the Philosophy of Religion
3056 Issues in practical ecclesiology
3058 Youth Ministry 2
3062 Spiritual Theology for Pastoral Ministry
3068 Reconciliation Studies 1
3070 Placement Theological Reflection
3071 Dissertation - single dissertation
3072 Research project
3073 Dissertation - double dissertation
3074 Church History: Research Project
3083 The Epistle to the Hebrews
3085  Romans
3091 Christianity in the Sixteenth Century