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Bachelor of Divinity (Single Honours)


Stage 1
Students must take the following six modules:

• Introduction to Biblical Languages
• Early Church History
• Introduction to Theological Thinking
• Old Testament 1
• Introduction to Jesus and the Gospels
• Introduction to Practical Theology

Stage 2
Students must take the following two modules:

Biblical Hebrew Texts
New Testament Greek Texts

The remaining four modules must be selected from the groups given below, with at least one module being taken from four of
the five groups:

Group 1 - Old Testament

Group 2 - New Testament

Group 3 - Philosophy/Historical Theology

Group 4 - Church History

Group 5 - Practical Theology

Stage 3
Students must take a total of six modules at Level 3 to complete the requirements of the Bachelor of Divinity.

 Note: Candidates must take and pass all required language modules before being awarded the degree of Bachelor of Divinity.