International Summer School, 21 July - 8 August 2014

Belfast Fish
Night over Lagan Belfast
Belfast harmony statue
Parade red uniforms

About the Programme

This three-week programme has participants of all ages (18 - 60+) and from a variety of backgrounds. Students are administrators, teachers and professors as well as undergraduates and postgraduates and those who simply have a passion for Irish history and culture. Lectures and seminars are given by internationally-acclaimed scholars on various aspects of the study of Ireland, including history, politics, anthropology, film and theatre, language, music and literature.

Participants will have a variety of options (Option 2A, Option 2B or Option 2C) to choose from in week 2 which will allow them to explore specific topics in more depth.  Please take a look at the 2014 programme at the link below.

Read about some of the students' experiences. Visit us on¬†Facebook. Read about our tenth anniversary celebrations.

Interview on BBC Radio Ulster's Good Morning Ulster Programme - Dr Dominic Bryan & Merri Fefles . (Thursday 5 August 2010).