Student Feedback

Feedback from participants in our summer school is consistently positive. Here is a selection of the comments made by previous participants:

Why students are attracted to the program

This programme looked exceptionally planned. Everything was mapped out ahead of time to assure we had the best experience possible. Sarah McGonigal, Canadian student, University of Alberta.

I knew I wanted a program in Northern Ireland and Belfast was the logical choice. Everything about the Queen’s course met my needs (cost/location/time) and the range of topics and trips exceeded my expectations. Margaret Nelson, US student 

The fact that Ulster is particularly interesting from the point of view of politics and identities and after having considered several options, Queen’s offers the best mix and the more balanced programme. Francisco (Paco) Javier Lopez Gaitano, mature student from Belgium. 

On Belfast

Belfast is gritty and vibrant and very real. The people truly are the friendliest in the world. Being a smaller city allows students to move easily and quickly and easily throughout Belfast. Margaret Nelson, European history major from California.

It’s amazing how open and friendly the locals are! I was getting a pedicure and the woman was telling me about how she was raised during ‘the troubles’ and how life was living right beside an interface. Keri Poma, Psychology student from Illinois.

I came here virtually on my own, but never at any time did I have to be on my own, thanks to the many wonderful friends I have made and the many great places to go in Belfast. I was also thrilled at how friendly many of the locals were, and had many a great conversation with a cab driver enthused to be chatting with an American. Aurora Cerulli, English and British Literature student from Illinois.

On the fieldtrips

The fieldtrips were amazing! It was so interesting to see Derry and the division that exists. The PSNI fieldtrip (Police Service of Northern Ireland) was very informative and it's nice to know how the officers feel about their jobs and how locals feel about them. Keri Poma.

The fieldtrips allowed us to put what we were learning in class into perspective. Sarah McGonigal.

Fieldtrips were absolutely enjoyable - I enjoyed the Giant's Causeway, Derry and the PSNI trips but I also very much enjoyed the camaraderie between faculty and students - how people from around the world could laugh, tell stories, learn from and with one another. That makes the Queen's programme amazing! Aurora Cerulli