Amy Gill-Horton

From Alaska

Some information about yourself. What are your particular interests in Irish Studies?
I'm a mature MA student in Anthropology, University of Alaska FairBanks, interested in an introduction to Northern Ireland prior to writing my research proposal.

What attracted you to this International Summer School? Why did you choose this particular programme?
The programme offered a number of anthropology classes led by academics involved in local and recent research. This was important to me because I wanted an up to date perspective on Northern Ireland.

Which aspects of the Summer School did you particularly enjoy?
Fieldtrips were excellent, especially supplemented by our guide Noel Mitchell, whose background and enthusiasm enhanced trips.

What do you think of the student facilities?
The grounds were scenic and well kept. Rooms were a good size, kept clean weekly and most importantly offered reliable and easy internet access.

What do you think of the social life in Belfast?
The Chinese sit-in restaurants were some of the best I have ever seen and the food is excellent.

Would you recommend the Queen's University Summer School programme to potential students?
This introduction to Irish Studies is an excellent overview for undergraduates, non-students interested in the topic and graduate level students who want to familiarize themselves with a new and interesting subject.