Ester Comellas

From Spain

Some information about yourself. What are your paricular interests in Irish Studies?
I'm a free lance interpreter- not a university student anymore. My interest in Northern Ireland is mainly related to conflict and post conflict situation, and how people deal with it. I come from Spain, where government is in the way of reaching a peace agreement with ETA, and the Northern Ireland Good Friday Agreement is a constant reference.

What attracted you to this International Summer School? Why did you choose this particular programme?
The programme was very comprehensive and covered a very wide range of historical and human aspects. On the other hand Belfast is a very interesting city and is in constant change. Also a three-week programme was perfect for me.

Which aspects of the summer school did you particularly enjoy?
Human aspects, contact with lecturers, professors, artists, researchers and people from very different fields. And contact with local people. Lectures were extremely interesting and field trips are great fun.

What do you think of the student facilities?
Elms Halls of Residence are comfortable and quiet, breakfast is excellent. The Student's Union and the computer rooms are also remarkable and the Queen's building is simply amazing.

What do you think of the social life in Belfast?
Its increasing at full speed! Belfast has plenty of cafes with excellent italian coffee places, pubs and places to eat. Belfast is full of young people enjoying themselves. A real surprise.

Would you recommend the Queen's University Summer School programme to potential students?
Absolutely, and I'll do it!