Jarno Hakulinen

From Finland

Some information about yourself. What are your particular interests in Irish Studies?
I have not graduated yet although I've been "out" of university for a couple of years now. I'm interested about Ireland and didn't know much about it or N.Ireland before the summer school.

What attracted you to this International Summer School? Why did you choose this particular programme?
I searched for summer schools on the Internet. The Queens summer school was reasonably priced and I liked the variety of disciplines.

Which aspects of the Summer School did you particularly enjoy?
I liked the way that the Summer School introduced views from different sides of the conflict.

What do you think of the student facilities?
They were ok.

What do you think of the social life in Belfast?
Belfast has a huge amount of pubs, clubs and restaurants. I've enjoyed the night life very much.

Would you recommend the Queen's University Summer School programme to potential students?
Yes, very much. I loved the programme and the teachers were all very nice and funny.