Valerie Douglass

From USA

Some information about yourself. What are your particular interests in Irish Studies?
I just graduated with my BA in liberal studies and was simply looking for a new experience for both knowledge and friends.

What attracted you to this International Summer School? Why did you choose this particular programme?
Ireland! I have always wanted to visit and learn a little about my heritage.

Which aspects of the Summer School did you particularly enjoy?
The fieldtrips have been amazing! What's nice is you learn the most random and interesting information from the locals.

What do you think of the student facilities?
The student facilities are accomodating and allow for a nice outlet away from the busy city.

What do you think of the social life in Belfast?
The social life in Belfast is constant. There has never been a dull day, or night, for that matter.

Would you recommend the Queen's University Summer School programme to potential students?
Absolutely, the staff have been amazing, the program informative, and the memories you go home with are irreplaceable.