Visas | Healthcare | Living Costs

For international (non-European Union citizens) it is essential to have the correct visa for entering the United Kingdom.

Participants to the International Summer School may contact the staff of the International Student Support office for expert and up-to-date visa information and guidance - it is important to inform them that you are attending the 3-week Institute of Irish Studies International Summer School and your first port of entry to the United Kingdom (which includes Northern Ireland).  Please note that Dublin and Cork airports are NOT UK ports of entry.

The e-mail address for the International Student Support Office is:

Visas are a very complex and specialised area and the Institute of Irish Studies is not qualified, nor permitted, to give the necessary advice.

Healthcare / Medical Insurance:
You may also enquire at the International Student Support Office about medical insurance to cover any emergencies.

Please be aware that if you have to consult with a doctor at the University Health Centre a charge will be made by the Centre for non-European Union citizens. 

Living in Belfast  (Please also refer to the 'Related Content' on this link).