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Spring 2018 Seminars

Listen again to Liam Kennedy on ‘Before childhood, after death: Irish mothers reflect on the fate of unbaptized infants’ (22 Jan. 2018)

 Listen again to Chris Colvin (QUB), Matthias Blum (QUB) and Eoin McLaughlin (St Andrews), on ‘Ireland’s chosen many: scarring and selection in the Great Irish Famine’ (29 January 2018)
 Listen again to Paddy Gleeson (QUB): ‘Ruling early medieval kingdoms: landscape and governance in the Irish Sea region’ (5 Feb. 2018)
 Listen again to Muiris Mac Carthaigh (QUB) on 'From Free State to Crisis State: The Evolution of the Irish Administration, 1922-2015' (12 Feb. 2018)

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Spring 2018 Seminars