About the Programme

Our MA in Irish Studies is currently being redeveloped for 2017 entry.

The revised version will feature a new interdisciplinary core module and new option modules. Further details will be published here soon!

Programme content
The MA and diploma in Irish Studies are arranged into thematically focused groups of modules/courses to include history and politics, culture, tradition and heritage and language and literature.
A wide variety of modules are available. Current subject areas include the following:


  • Ireland: History and Politics
    History, politics and identity in Ireland.
  • Ireland: Culture, Tradition and Heritage
    Culture, gender, language and power in Ireland.
  • Ireland: Literature, Language and Art
    From modern Irish writing to the study of Gaelic languages.
  • Ireland: Communities, Identities and Conflict
    Community and politics in Northern Ireland.
  • Ireland: Peoples and Place
    Ireland and its prehistory, early Ireland and heritage studies.
  • Ireland: Religion and Ritual
    Historical, sociological and anthropological approaches to religion.

Please note: not all modules listed will necessarily be available in any given year.

Duration and Mode of Study
This degree can be taken on a one year full-time or two year part-time basis. The course consists of four taught courses/modules, and a 15,000 word dissertation. Part-time students take one module per semester and full-time students, 2 modules per semester. The first semester runs from September until Christmas and the second semester from January until May. For details of the University calendar click here.

Full time students beginning the programme in September 2009, for example, will submit their dissertation in September 2010 and part time students in May of their third year.

Some options may require that a relevant research methods module be taken or that the student have a particular academic background. The dissertation may be supervised by Institute staff or, subject to the agreement of head of school, by members of co-operating departments.

Aims of the programme
1) To provide students with the methods and knowledge to undertake research.
2) To offer students a range of modules that will allow them to pursue challenging cross–disciplinary themes.
3) To explore the possibilities and tensions in inter-disciplinary work.
4) To introduce the students to conceptual tools which allow them to explore, critically, aspects of Irish Studies.
5) To assist the students in developing focused research and providing them with the skills necessary to write academic papers.

Four taught modules for the diploma, usually assessed by written assignment, and, in addition, a 15,000 word dissertation for the MA.

Students of the Institute of the Irish Studies go on to make careers, not only as scholars, but in the media, in the heritage sector and in business.