Pre-Semester Programmes

The Institute of Irish Studies offers two four-week pre-semester programmes: Senses of Identity and Conflict in Ireland takes place each September and the Introduction to Northern Ireland programme takes place in January.

These programmes immediately preceed the academic semester so that students can choose to take only one of these 4-week programmes or to take it as an introduction to the first or second semester Study Abroad programme at Queen's.

Introduction to Northern Ireland (210IRS104)
This course provides an introduction to aspects of life in Northern Ireland and includes a two-week internship with a local organisation which serves the Northern Ireland community in a special or even unique way. Where possible, internships will reflect the students’ own particular interests.

Lectures and seminars will cover a range of topics including politics ('orange' and 'green'), literature, anthropology, cinema & stereotypes, cultural history, community relations, equality and economic issues.

Fieldwork to sites of historical and cultural interest will aid understanding of the history and symbolism of all traditions in Northern Ireland. Meetings with local politicians at Stormont Parliament Buildings, community groups and the Police Service of Northern Ireland are included, as well as a trip to the beautiful north Antrim Coast and Giant’s Causeway. Fieldwork and social activity are an important part of these programmes.

Locals and Outsiders: Senses of Identity and Conflict in Ireland (110IRS103) - suspended for 2006
This course provides an introduction to Irish society, looking particularly at the movement of peoples and the ramifications for society of accommodation and contest.

Topics include culture and society in Northern Ireland; migration and the movement of people; culture change and culture shock; and the role played by conflict in the development of identity politics. Students will spend a period of time resident at the Centre for Migration Studies at the Ulster American Folk Park in Omagh.

Fieldtrips will introduce students to both rural and urban aspects of Northern Ireland.