Ordinance Survey Memoirs

of Ireland 1830-1840
Series editors Angélique Day and Patrick McWilliams

In the 1830s a major series of parish accounts was commissioned to accompany the new Ordnance Survey maps. These became known as the Memoirs. Only the northern part of Ireland was covered before the scheme was dropped, and only one parish Memoir was published at the time. Now, over 150 years later, the Institute of Irish Studies, the Queen's University of Belfast, in association with the Royal Irish Academy, has published the Memoirs in full to provide a unique source for the cultural heritage of our community. The 40 volumes and accompanying index act as a nineteenth-century Domesday book, and are essential to the understanding of the cultural heritage of our communities. The Memoirs record landscape, buildings and antiquities, land-holdings and population, and employment and livelihood of the parishes. These volumes are available from the Ulster Historical Foundation.

This series is presented in an attractive edition, illustrated with drawings from the parish Memoirs and maps from the original Ordnance Survey.

'...one of the most successful publishing ventures ever undertaken in Ireland ... no comparable record exists for any other part of the British Isles...a colossal contribution to Irish literature and history.' CE Brett in Ulster Architect International Vol. 12 No 9

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