Seminar Programmes

Seminar and Public Events

The Institute of Irish Studies seminar series for 2016-17 will showcase a range of Irish Studies research projects from across the university.

Details to be posted here soon!

Seminars and Public Events 2016-17

Our Irish Studies Seminar programme for 2016-17 will showcase Irish Studies research projects from across the university.

Details to be published here soon!


About the Institute's Seminar Programme

The weekly seminar programme is a key feature of the Institute of Irish Studies and was initiated within the first year of the Institute’s existence in 1965. It is open to the public and gives an opportunity for academics and specialists to communicate to a wider audience the results of their research in the field of Irish Studies.



Please refer to the programme for the current venue and commencement time.

Attendance on a first come first served basis. You cannot book a place on this series.

Further details may be obtained from the Secretary: telephone Belfast 028 9097 3386 or e-mail

If you have any additional requirements regarding access or facilities please contact the above number in advance so that arrangements can be made.

Everyone Welcome - ADMISSION FREE


Benefits to the Community

By having access to the Institute at weekly seminars, members of the community have the opportunity to participate in the world of the University, to hear the latest thinking and consider the results of the newest research, to debate with speakers on the issues raised, to make acquaintance with scholars, both of whose home is here and those who come from abroad and to bring their own experience of the world outside Queen’s into the Institute. Strong links with community groups can be forged in this way, and the already enduring links between the Institute and such bodies as the Federation for Ulster Local Studies, the Community Relations Council and the Cultural Traditions Group, as well as with schools and institutes in Queen’s and other universities, strengthened amd emphasised. The Institute is in the position to serve as a kind of broker between the world of the University and the outside world.



Speakers include the Institute’s Research Fellows, members of the University who wish to communicate their ongoing research and invited members of the community.

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