Dr Rosellen Roche

Rosellen Roche
Rosellen Roche

AB (Harvard University), MPhil, PhD (Cambridge)

Temporary Lecturer and Research Fellow

Tel: +44 (0) 28 9097 3861
E-mail: r.roche@qub.ac.uk

Rosellen Roche was educated at the universities of Harvard and Cambridge in Social Anthropology and was awarded her PhD from Cambridge in 2004.  Rosellen was a Fellow of the Institute of Irish Studies at Queen's University from 2003 to 2005 while she acted as Head of Project for the government and European Union funded initiative the Toward Reconciliation and Inclusion Project (TRIPROJECT).  She then came to the School of History and Anthropology at Queen's University in 2005 as an Economic and Social Research Council Postdoctoral Fellow in Social Anthropology for 2005-2006.  Following, Rosellen was appointed to a temporary Lectureship in the School and has been a temporary Lecturer since 2006. Rosellen is currently Head of the Facts, Fears and Feelings Project, which examines the impact and role of sectarianism in everyday life in Northern Ireland. She continues to act as a consultant through the Northern Irish Community Relations Council for the government's largest anti-sectarian initiative to date, A Shared Future, focusing on policy and the strategic framework for good relations in Northern Ireland.

Research Interests

Rosellen's research incorporates a host of issues surrounding children, young people and young adults, particularly those in living in situations of deprivation and prolonged conflict. Her research areas include the USA, UK and Ireland, although currently her main field for research is Northern Ireland.

Many of the areas on which Rosellen focuses include violence (overt and cultural) and health, incorporating aspects of stress and resilience from exposure to violence, misuse of drugs and alcohol, and pre-teenage and teenage sexual experience. Equally, her research examines issues of schooling and leaving school, and access to education through various mediums, including traditional and non-traditional settings.   Her research also investigates relationships between forms of authority (police and paramilitaries) and young people, particularly with regard to paramilitary punishment of young people in the Northern Irish 'post conflict' era.  Many of these areas are examined with the overall aim to discuss the overt, structural and cultural violences that come from states of conflict, including those which demonstrate tit-for-tat violence.  

Much of Rosellen's research has had an applied impact, informing on governmental initiatives in the Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister and the Equality Directorate. Some of her work has also informed on new measures for those who have left school at 16 and those involved in government initiatives to help those most at-risk.  

Select Publications

  • Roche, R. 2008 (forthcoming).  'Still the "Brutes in Suits"? Continuing Perceptions of the Police in Northern Ireland' in The Irish Journal of Anthropology.
  • Roche, R. 2008 (in press). 'A Curious Threesome: Transgression, Conservatism and Sex in the 'Free House' in Northern Ireland' in H. Donnan and F. Magowan (eds.) Transgressive Sex, Transforming Bodies. Oxford: Berghahn Books.
  • Roche, R. 2007. 'When They Write What We Write: A Discussion on a Youth-led Project in Urban Northern Ireland' in Anthropology in Action: Journal for Applied Anthropology in Policy and Practice, Vol. 13, 1-2, pp. 55-68.
  • Roche, R.  2007.  '"You Know America Has Drive-by Shootings? In Creggan, We Have Drive-by Beatings": Continuing Intra-community Vigilantism in Urban Northern Ireland' in D. Pratten and A. Sen (eds.) Global Vigilantes: Anthropological Perspectives on Justice and Violence. London: Hurst and Co, pp. 201-229.
  • Roche, R. 2006. 'Young People' in Sharing Over Separation: Actions Toward A Shared Future.  Belfast: The Community Relations Council of Northern Ireland, pp. 27-40.
  • Roche, R. 2005 Something to Say: The Complete TRIPROJECT Report on the Views of Young School Leavers in the DCCD Areas.  Belfast: Blackstaff. (ISBN 0-85640-784-4  [366 pages]).
  • Roche, R. 2002.  'Hooray for Play! Three Cheers for Interactive Education' in The Group for Education in Museums, Spring, No. 85, pp. 12-13.

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