Dr Andrew Sneddon

Research Fellow
• B.A. (Hons), History and Literature, University of Hertfordshire
• M.Litt, Early Modern British History, University of St Andrews
• PhD, Early Modern British and Irish History, Lancaster University

Research Interests

Research interests include: witchcraft beliefs and trials in early modern England; Institutional medicine and parliament in eighteenth-century Ireland; Catholicism, conversion and the Irish language in early eighteenth-century Britain and Ireland; social and economic improvement in eighteenth-century Ireland; Irish Legislation, 1692-1800.

Current research

I am currently conducting a study of the Irish parliament’s role in the establishment of a basic institutional medical practice in Ireland during the long eighteenth century, conducted through a systematic analysis of parliament’s dispersal of public moneys to, and its legislative initiatives involving, Ireland’s early medical institutions (Hospitals, Royal colleges, guilds, medical societies and schools).

Select Publications

• Andrew Sneddon, ‘Parliament and Medicine in Eighteenth Century Ireland, 1692-1800’ in Fiona Clark and James Kelly (eds), Ireland and Medicine in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries (Ashgate House), forthcoming.
• Andrew Sneddon, ‘The Limits of Improvement: Social and Economic Development and Parliament in Eighteenth Century Ireland’ in James Kelly and David Hayton (eds), Lawmaking in Periphery and Centre: Constitutional Relations in Composite States, 1690-1800, forthcoming.
• Contributor to the Dictionary of Irish Biography (Cambridge University Press), forthcoming.
• Andrew Sneddon, Witchcraft and Whigs: the Life of Bishop Francis Hutchinson, 1660-1739 (Manchester University Press), forthcoming, Autumn 2008. See publisher’s webpage:
• Andrew Sneddon, ‘The Production, Impact and Reception of “The Church Catechism in Irish” (1722)’ in Volume 2 of the Oxford History of the Irish book (Oxford University Press), forthcoming.
• Co-designed and co-authored the internet-based, Irish Legislation Database, 1692-1800, which contains details of all the legislation initiated in the Irish parliament during the long eighteenth century, forthcoming 2008.
• Andrew Sneddon, ‘Bishop Francis Hutchinson: a Case Study in the Culture of Eighteenth-Century Improvement’ in Irish Historical Studies, xxxv, no. 139 (May 2007).
• Andrew Sneddon, ‘Those Crafty Adversaries’: Bishop Francis Hutchinson and Anti-Catholic Rhetoric in Early Hanoverian England, c. 1716-21’ in Recusant History, xxvii, no. 4 (2005).
• Andrew Sneddon, ‘Darkness Must be Expell’d by Letting in the Light’: Bishop Francis Hutchinson and the Conversion of Irish Catholics by Means of the Irish Language, c.1720-4’ in Eighteenth-century Ireland, xviii (2004).
• Andrew Sneddon, Review of The National Church in Local Perspective. The Church of England and the Regions, 1660-1800, Jeremy Gregory and Jeffrey S. Chamberlain (eds) (Suffolk, 2003) in Journal of Ecclesiastical History, lv, 4 (2004).

Contact details
E-mail: a.sneddon@qub.ac.uk
Telephone: +44 (0) 28 9097 3437