Dr Catherine Morris

BA English Literature, University of Cambridge, 1995
PhD, University of Aberdeen, Scotland, 1999.

E-mail:  catherine.morris@folkmuseum.org.uk  (as from February 2013)

Dr Catherine Morris was a postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Institute of Irish Studies from 2003-2004.

Research Interests
Most of Dr. Morris's research to date has involved nineteenth and twentieth century literature, drama and culture, especially Irish and American. In future projects she is keen to explore US radio (1930s to 1950s) and America popular fiction. Her work draws upon a range of theoretical perspectives, including historical materialism, gender studies and postcolonial interventions. From 2000 to 2003 Dr. Morris worked as a researcher on volumes IV and V of the prestigious Oxford University Press series The Letters of W. B. Yeats, edited by John Kelly, and as an assistant editor on A Mirror of our Times: An Annotated Guide to Irish Fiction 1650-1900 (forthcoming), an ambitious bibliography compiled by Rolf Loeber and Magda Stoether Loeber.

Current Research
Dr. Morris is currently completing her book The Northern Patriot: Alice Milligan and the Irish Cultural Revival. Focussing on the career of writer and political activist Alice Milligan (1866-1953), the book explores a range of community-building initiatives that made a vital yet frequently neglected contribution to the Irish Renaissance. Examining in detail Irish newspapers and journals, drama, northern grass roots cultural organisations, public displays of commemoration and tableaux vivant presentations, the book will present a significant new perspective on the Revival that argues for the importance of its Northern contribution.

Selected Publications
Dr. Morris’s publications include: "In the enemy's camp: Alice Milligan and fin de siecle Belfast", a chapter in, Cities of Belfast, Nicholas Allen and Aaron Kelly (eds.) (Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2003); "Becoming Irish? The Paradoxes of Identity", a chapter in Irish University Review, Special Issue: The Irish Literary Revival, Margaret Kelleher (ed.) (Spring/Summer 2003); "Silent Voices: Popular Irish Tableaux" (forthcoming article); and "’The vision splendid’: Roger Casement and the Supernatural" (forthcoming article). She is a contributor to the Dictionary of Irish Biography.

In January 2012 Dr Morris published "Alice Milligan and the Irish Cultural Revival" (Four Courts Press, 2012).  This book is also available in paperback by Four Courts Press in 2013.

Dr. Morris has taught on undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes at the University of Aberdeen, the University of Sheffield, and the Institute of Irish Studies, Belfast. Her seminars and lectures have covered a range of topics in English, American and Irish literature.

Other information
Dr. Morris has contributed papers to numerous conferences, colloquia and other gatherings, including the Field Day Public Lectures; the 1798 Public Lectures, Linen Hall Library Belfast; the Irish Theatre History Conference, National University of Ireland, Galway; National Irish Studies Conference, Manchester; the Roger Casement symposium, Goldsmiths College, London; and the Byrne Perry Summer School, Wexford.

In 2010 Dr Morris was appointed Cultural Coordinator at Trinity College Dublin and the National Library of Ireland.

In 2012 she gifted to Omagh Public Library: http://catherinemorrisculturalcoordinator.wordpress.com/

In 2013, Dr Morris was appointed Director of the Museum of Cambridge (previouly the Folk Museum) - http://www.folkmuseum.org.uk/