Dr Clifford Stevenson

Dr Clifford Stevenson

BA Hons, Psychology, Trinity College Dublin, 1998
MSc, Psychological Research Methods, Lancaster University, 1999
PhD, Psychology, Lancaster University, 2004

Research Interests
• Social Identity Theory, majority-minority relations and intergroup stereotyping. In particular, the relationship between psychological theory and popular understandings of identity and intergroup dynamics.
• Discursive and rhetorical psychology: identities in talk and text. The use of discursive methodologies to explore the manifestation of religious, ethnic and national identities at the micro level.
• Crowd behaviour and traditional displays of identity. The use of social psychological theories of crowd behaviour to interpret traditional, ritualised collective action.

Current Research
Dr Stevenson is currently investigating psychological aspects of collective identity display in Northern Ireland. The first strand of research examines how each side in parading disputes use theories of identity and intergroup relations as explanations and justifications for their own beliefs and behaviour. The second strand of research aims to examine loyalist parades in action, using social psychological theories of crowd behaviour to explain the unfolding interactions between marchers, onlookers, protestors and police during an actual march.

Selected Publications
Stevenson, C., Condor, S, and Abell, J. (in press) The majority-minority conundrum in Northern Ireland: An Orange Order perspective. Political Psychology.
Abell, J., Condor, S., Stevenson, C. (in press). 'We are an Island': Geographical imagery and dilemmas of British identity in Scotland and in England. Political Psychology
Condor, S., Abell, J., Figgou, L., Gibson, S. and Stevenson, C. (in press) ‘They’re not racist, but’… Prejudice denial, mitigation and suppression in dialogue. British Journal of Social Psychology
Abell, J., Locke, A., Condor, S., Gibson, S., Stevenson, C. (in press). Trying similarity, doing difference: The role of interviewer self-disclosure in interview talk with young people. Qualitative Research

Contact Details
E-mail: c.p.stevenson@qub.ac.uk