Dr John Nagle

Dr John Nagle

BA, Humanities, Thames Valley University London (1997)
MA, Ethnomusicology, Queen’s University, Belfast (1999)
PhD, Social Anthropology, Queen’s University, Belfast (2003)

Research Interests
The politics of dialogic cosmopolitanism in contemporary diasporic revivals of Irish traditional culture; symbolic contest in global St. Patrick’s Day celebrations; Belfast youth subcultures.

Current Research
Dr Nagle is currently working on the St. Patrick’s Day research which seeks to provide an anthropological cross-cultural comparison of global St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. Investigating to what extent Irishness is a floating signifier prone to contradictory and contested symbolic and discursive meanings during celebrations, such research hopes to provide theoretical and practical support for creating inclusive celebrations.

‘“ Everybody Is Irish on St. Paddy’s”: Ambivalence and Alterity at London’s St. Patrick’s Day 2002’ (2005). Forthcoming.
‘” Up the Hoods”: The Discursive Formation of Belfast Youth as Frankenstein’s Monster, Urban Guerrilla and Folk Devil’ (2005) Forthcoming.
‘ Notational Fetishization versus Creative Ornamentation: the Ambivalence of Performance-Practice Authenticity in an Irish Traditional Music Class’ (2005).
Dr Nagle has taught on a range of models on social-anthropology and Irish studies at both under and postgraduate level.

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