Dr Kris Brown

Research Fellow (Jan 2006 - Jan 2008)

  • BA, Politics, Queen's University Belfast, 1992
  • PhD, Politics, Queen's University Belfast, 2000

Research Interests
The Northern Ireland Peace Process, Ulster Loyalism, modern Irish Republicanism and Irish Foreign Policy.

Current Research
Dr Brown is working on a two-year project held jointly with local organisation, Healing Through Remembering (HTR), to prepare an audit of the artefacts (e.g. objects, artworks, letters, audio and film recordings, ephemera) relating to the conflict in and about Northern Ireland. This research will inform the work of the Living Memorial Museum Sub Group which is addressing the HTR recommendation on a Living Memorial Museum of this conflict. While this audit will focus on the material culture of the conflict over the past four decades it may also incorporate objects that contextualise what engendered these divisions. It will include artefacts held in museums, galleries, libraries and archives, and those held by private individuals. The institutions surveyed will include those in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

Selected Publications
Kris Brown and Roger Mac Ginty (2003), Public Attitudes toward Partisan and Neutral Symbols in Post - Agreement Northern Ireland. Identities: Global Studies in Culture and Power, 10, 83-108.
Corinna Hauswedell and Kris Brown (2002), Burying the Hatchet –The Decommissioning of Paramilitary Arms in Northern Ireland. Bonn International Center for Conversion. Bonn. 80pp.
Kris Brown (1999), A Hermitage Ireland: A Foreign Policy of Despair? Irish Studies in International Affairs, 10, 105-134.

Contact Details
E-mail: k.j.brown@qub.ac.uk
Tel: +44 (0) 28 9097 3389