Dr Neil Fleming

MA, Irish Studies, 1999
PhD, History, 2002
FRHistS, 2005

E-mail: flemingnc@cardiff.ac.uk

Research Interests
Britain, Ireland and the empire since the late nineteenth century. In particular, British foreign and imperial policy between the wars, and the history of Unionism in Ulster. As a Research Fellow of the Institute of Irish Studies, Neil Fleming completed a monograph on Lord Londonderry and an article on the landed elite and power in Ulster.

Current Research
The British press and imperial insurgency. Dr Fleming is currently examining how the press has treated unrest across the empire in the twentieth century, starting with the post-First World War ‘crisis of empire’ in Ireland, India and Egypt.

Selected Publications
The Marquess of Londonderry: Aristocracy, Power and Politics in Britain and Ireland (London, 2005).
The Longman Handbook of Modern Irish History since 1800 (London, 2005).
‘The first government of Northern Ireland, education reform, and the failure of anti-populist unionism, 1921–1925’, Twentieth Century British History, 18:2 (2007).
‘Leadership, the middle-classes and Ulster unionism since the late nineteenth century’, in F. Lane and M. Luddy (eds), Politics, Society and the Middle Class in Modern Ireland (London, 2007).
‘Landlords, power and loyalism in late-Victorian Ulster’, in C. Kinealy and R. Swift (eds), Politics and Power in Victorian Ireland (Dublin, 2006).
‘The landed elite, power, and Ulster Unionism’, in D. G. Boyce and A. O’Day (eds), The Ulster Crisis, 1885–1921 (London, 2006).
‘‘The Londonderry Herr’: Lord Londonderry and the appeasement of Nazi Germany’, History Ireland, 13:1 (2005).
‘Old and new Unionism: The seventh Marquess of Londonderry, 1905–1921’, in D. G. Boyce and A. O’Day (eds), Ireland in Transition, 1867–1921 (London, 2004).
‘Lord Londonderry and Ulster politics, 1921–6’, Irish History: A Research Yearbook, 2 (Dublin, 2003).
‘Lord Londonderry and education reform in 1920s Northern Ireland’, History Ireland, 9:1 (2001).

Other Information
Neil Fleming worked with Dr Dominic Bryan, Director of the Institute of Irish Studies, on the 2003 Flags and Emblems Project. Dr Fleming is currently Lecturer in Modern British History, Cardiff University.