Dr Tina O'Toole

Dr Tina O'Toole

BA English University College Dublin, 1991
MA Women’s Studies, University College Dublin 1993
PhD English, University College Cork 2001

Research Interests
Late Victorian and Edwardian literature, in particular the cultural production and activism of the New Woman project at the fin de siècle from the perspective of late 20th century literary and ideological theories; Anglo-Irish writing 1880-present; Irish feminist activism.

Dr. O’Toole has recently come to Queen’s from University College Cork, where she held one of the prestigious IRCHSS (Government of Ireland) Post-Doctoral Fellowships last year. From 1999-2000, she was Project Researcher at the Women in Irish Society Project. There, she liaised with an international panel of experts in the field of Irish literature, and managed a team of local researchers, to compile a biographical dictionary of Munster women writers 1800-2000. The finished Dictionary of Munster Women Writers, of which Dr. O’Toole is General Editor, contains over 560 entries for both English and Irish-language writers, and will be published later this year by Cork University Press. The project has recently been awarded further funding by Cork 2005 City of Culture Programme (see www.ucc.ie/opa/pr/PRWomenWritersProject.html) which will facilitate the construction and maintenance of an online searchable database available at the project website www.ucc.ie/munsterwomen.

She has also colluded with Dr. Linda Connolly on the first archival study of the late 20th century Irish women’s movement, Documenting Irish Feminisms, which is currently in press. This study maps the development of second-wave feminism in Ireland using a wide range documents and visual images. A number of neglected themes in both the analysis and documentation of Irish feminist politics, and the social history of late twentieth century Ireland are advanced in this comprehensive volume.

Current Research
Dr. O’Toole is currently working on two “New Woman” writers, Sarah Grand (1854-1943), and George Egerton (1860-1945), in the context of fin-de-siècle ideological struggles. Her research is located within the fields of Anglo-Irish literature, feminist, and postcolonial literary theory. The Irish backgrounds of many New Woman writers, and the Irish dimension within their material, have been overlooked, as has Egerton’s investment in Scandinavian forms. These aspects of their work and identities will be considered in this research. Until recently, little work has been done on the history of feminist activism and cultural production in Ireland, and little investment made in uncovering the records of feminist activists and groups, which this project seeks to redress.

Selected Publications & Papers
In addition to the full-length studies mentioned above, her publications include:

“Keynotes from Millstreet, Co.Cork: George Egerton’s Transgressive Fictions”. Irish Women Novelists 1800-1940. Ed. Anne Fogarty. Spec. issue Colby Quarterly 2 (June 2000) 145-156.

“‘Hermaphrodite by Force of Circumstances’: The New Woman Project of the 1890s”. Irish Journal of Feminist Studies 5.1&2 (2003) 111-124.

“The New Woman and the Boy in fin de siècle Irish Fiction”. New Voices in Irish Criticism 5. Dublin: Four Courts Press, forthcoming 2004.

“ Ireland: The Terra Incognita of the New Woman Project”. Out of Context: Irish Nineteenth-Century Women’s Prose. Ed. Heidi Hansson. London: Colin Smythe, forthcoming 2004.

She has also contributed biographical essays on George Egerton, Katherine Cecil Thurston, and ‘Iota’ [Kathleen Mannington Caffyn] to the Gill and Macmillan Encyclopaedia of Ireland 2003; and a literary biographical essay on Sarah Grand in Irish Women Writers: An A-to-Z Guide. Ed. Alexander Gonalez, Greenwood Press, forthcoming 2004.

Contact Details
E-mail: tina.otoole@ul.ie