Irish Studies Scholars

The Institute of Irish Studies is developing a network of Associates from academic staff at Queen’s University and its associated Colleges who are either undertaking or have undertaken research on Ireland or are involved in work in the community.

This is a list of our associates in alphabetical order. Click on the links below to view their research interests.

If you would like to become an associate of the Institute, please send an e-mail requesting the application form and background information to:

Dr J Alexander
Prof. D Bell
Prof. B Caraher
Prof. S Connolly
Ms A Croft
Ms P Devine
Prof. H Donnan
Dr T Gallagher
Mr D Grant
Prof. A Guelke
Prof. V Hall
Prof. D Hayton
Dr. M Hill
Dr E Hughes
Dr M Johnson
Prof. L Kennedy
Dr J Kirk
Dr K Lloyd
Prof. J Mallory
Dr M McAteer
Dr F McGarry
Dr S McKay
Dr P McWilliams
Dr R Miller
Dr K Milton
Dr C Mitchell
Dr P Murphy
Dr W Neill
Prof. M O'Dowd
Dr M O'Mainnin
Prof. S O'Neill
Dr D O'Rawe
Dr P Prior
Dr S Royle
Dr I Shuttleworth
Dr M Sihra
Dr C Skehill
Dr J Skinner
Mr M Smallman
Dr R Tomlinson
Mrs D Wildy
Prof. R Wilford
Dr N Yeates