Dr C Mitchell

School of Sociology and Social Policy
Queen's University Belfast

School/Institute website address: www.qub.ac.uk/ssp
E-mail: Claire.Mitchell@qub.ac.uk

Biography and Irish Studies research interests
I currently work in the School of Sociology and Social Policy in Queen’s University Belfast, having completed a PhD in Politics, and post-doctoral research in the Institute for British-Irish Studies, in Univeristy College Dubin. My primary area of research is religion in Norhern Ireland. A series of articles and a forthcoming book argue that religion is not just an ethnic marker, but instead religious rituals and ideas form a key component of identity and community construction. My interest in the applied sociology of religion also concerns evangelicals in Northern Ireland. A current project, with Gladys Ganiel (UCD), explores how and why evangelicals’ identities change over time in response to social and political, as well as personal, factors. My background is in political science, and other research interests include electoral behaviour and equality issues in Northern Ireland. I am involved as an associate researcher in a UCD-QUB project on the intergenerational transmission of identity in Irish border regions. I usually use qualitative methods such as life-history interviews, but also use quantitative methods and the Northern Ireland Life and Times Survey is an invaluable resource.

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Selected Publications
1. Mitchell C. (2003) 'Protestant identification and political change in Northern Ireland', Ethnic and Racial Studies 26(4), pp. 612-631
2. Mitchell, C. (co-authored with Hayward, K.) (2003) 'Discourses of equality in post-Agreement Northern Ireland', Contemporary Politics 9(3), pp.293-312
3. Mitchell C. (2004) 'Is Northern Ireland abnormal? An extension of the sociological debate on religion in modern Britain', Sociology 38(2), pp. 237-254
4. Mitchell, C. (co-authored with Tilley, J.) (forthcoming 2004) ‘The moral minority: Evangelical Protestants in Northern Ireland and their political behaviour’, Political Studies
5. Mitchell, C. (forthcoming 2005) ‘Behind the ethnic marker: Religion and social identification in Northern Ireland’, Sociology of Religion