Dr C Skehill

School of Social Work
Queens University Belfast

School/Institute website address: www.qub.ac.uk/sw
E-mail address: c.skehill@qub.ac.uk

Biography and Irish Studies research interests
I have a BSS (Hons) and a Certificate of Qualification in Social Work from Trinity College (1992) and worked as a social worker in the Republic of Ireland from 1992-4. Since becoming an academic, I have maintained a keen interest in the nature and form of social work in the Republic of Ireland; past and present. My particular practice concern is child protection and welfare social work.

Between 1994-1999 I worked in TCD as a researcher and lecturer and wrote my first book on the history of social work in Ireland based on archival research into a range of voluntary, statutory and professional orgnisations relevant to social work and social care. My PhD focused in particular on the history of child welfare and protection social work in Ireland (2000). The theoretical approach underpinning my historical work derives from Michel Foucualt’s history of the present.

Since coming to Queens (1999-present) I have maintained my interest in both the contemporary and historical nature of social work in the Republic. I have also broadened my interests to a European dimension and expect in the future to be engaged in comparative work between social work in the Republic and in the North.

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Selected Publications
1. Skehill, C (2004) A history of the present of child protection and welfare social work in the Republic of Ireland Edwin Mellen Press, Lampeter
2. Skehill, C (2003b) ‘Social Work in the Republic of Ireland: A history of the present’ Journal of Social Work 3(2) 137-155
3. Skehill, C. (2003c) ‘The Development of Child Welfare Services in the Republic of Ireland 1900-1950: A Case study in Archival Research in Historical Analysis’ in Hering S & Waaldijk B. (Eds.): Gender and the History of Social Work in Europe 1900-1960 , Leske and Budrich, Opladen, Germany. Also published in German: Skehill C (2002a) ‘Die Entwickling der Kinderfursorge in der Republik Ireland von 1900 bis 1950: Eine Fallstudie zu Methoden der Archivrecherche in der Historischen Forschung’ in Hering & Waaldijk (eds) Die Geschichte der Sozialen Arbeit in Europa (1900-1960) Leske and Budrich, Opladen, Germany
4. Skehill, C (1999a) The Nature of Social Work in Ireland, A Historical Perspective. Edwin Mellen Press, Lampeter ISBN: 0-7734-8177-X
5. Buckley H, Skehill C & O Sullivan E (1997) Child Protection Practices in Ireland: A Case Study, Oak Tree Press, Dublin. ISBN: 1-86076-063-5.