Dr I Shuttleworth

School of Geography
Queen’s University Belfast

School/Institute website address: www.qub.ac.uk/geog/
E-mail address: i.shuttleworth@qub.ac.uk

Biography and Irish Studies research
Relevant work in the Irish Studies area focuses on two main inter-related themes. Firstly, I have an interest, developed over the past decade, in employment equality and the Northern Ireland labour market. Funded work during this period has been undertaken on travel-to-work patterns, recruitment experiences, and the evolution of the Northern Ireland labour market. This research is ongoing and will soon use the 2001 Census to explore spatial patterns in the labour market. Secondly, I have worked on the social geography of Northern Ireland and patterns of segregation. Some of this work has been based on learning more about daily activity patterns and spatial perceptions but the research goes beyond this to include analyses of social change using the Census of Population and the politics of demography (and the Census) in a divided society. At present I am involved in two ESRC-funded projects on the Northern Ireland Census, the first of which aims to look at how population is used in political discourses, and the second of which seeks to link 1971-2001 Census data on a consistent geography.

Selected Publications
1. Shuttleworth, I (2004) Young people, job search and local labour markets: The example of Belfast, Urban Studies, in press, (with A Green and S Lavery)
2. Shuttleworth, I (2004), Employment Equality: A Generation On, Blackstaff, Belfast (co-edited with R Osborne)
3. Shuttleworth, I, (2001), 1991 Travel-to-work patterns in the Belfast Urban Area: A context for urban employment policy, Applied Geography, 20, 177-202, (with J Power and D McKinstry)
4. Shuttleworth, I (1998), Sectarian demography, territoriality and policy in Northern Ireland, Political Geography, 17, 187-208, (with J Anderson)