Dr J Skinner

School of Anthropological Studies
Queen’s University Belfast

School/Institute website address: www.qub.ac.uk/sa
E-mail address: j.skinner@qub.ac.uk

Biography and Irish Studies research interests
Jonathan Skinner (PhD St Andrews 1997) has carried out fieldwork in the British Eastern Caribbean on the island of Montserrat where he investigated colonial and post-colonial relations as expressed through calypso, poetry, and political debate. On Montserrat he engaged with the ‘Black Irish’ purported to live on the island, as well as following the controversial commemorations of St. Patrick’s Day (marking a slave uprising). Since the eruption of a volcano on Montserrat during his fieldwork, he has followed developments in the areas of tourism, development, risk interpretation and migration.

He has also conducted fieldwork in the UK, looking at dance groups (especially Modern Jive) and dance as therapy as well as comparisons of St. Patrick’s Day events. He is the Honorary Treasurer of the Association of Social Anthropologists (1999-2003), Editor of Anthropology in Action, and eagerly awaits the following forthcoming publication: 'Before the Volcano: Reverberations of Identity on Montserrat'.

Selected Publications
J. Skinner (2004) Before the Volcano: Reverberations of Identity on Montserrat, Kingston, Jamaica: Arawak Publications (in press for May 2004).
J. Skinner (Ed.) (2002) Special Edition: Managing Island Life, Social Identities: Journal for the Study of Race, Nation and Culture, 8(2), pp.205-320.
J. Skinner and C. Di Domenico and A. Law and M. Smith (eds) (2001) Scotland’s Boundaries and Identities in the New Millennium, Dundee: University of Abertay Dundee Press.
J. Skinner (Ed.) (1999) Island Migrations, Island Cultures, Anthropology in Action, 6(2), pp.1-47.
J. Skinner (forthcoming, 2004) ‘Modernist anthropology, ethnic tourism and national identity: the contest for the commoditization and consumption of St. Patrick’s Day, Montserrat’ in, K. Meethan (Ed.) Anthropology and the production and consumption of tourism, London: CAB International (in press).