Dr M Johnson

School of Biology and Biochemistry
Queen’s University Belfast

School/Institute website address: www.qub.ac.uk/bb
E-mail: m.johnson@qub.ac.uk

Biography and Irish Studies research interests
Ph.D. Trinity College Dublin 1995
‘ Models of phytoplankton and nutrient dynamics in Lough Hyne, south-west Ireland’
Subsequent research projects on Irish estuaries and cross-border grant on design of marine reserves (partners UCD and UCC)

Useful website addresses

Selected Publications
1. Johnson, M. P. & Costello, M. J. 2002. Local and external components of the summertime plankton community in Lough Hyne, a stratified marine inlet. Journal of Plankton Research 24, 1305-1315.
2. Johnson, M. P., Hartnett, M., Collier, L. M. & Costello, M. J. 2002 Identifying ‘hot spots’ of biological and anthropogenic activity in two Irish estuaries. Hydrobiologia 475/476, 111-123.
3. Johnson M. P., Frost N. J., Mosley M. W. J., Roberts M. F. and Hawkins S. J. 2003. The area-independent effects of habitat complexity on biodiversity vary between regions. Ecology Letters 6, 126-132.
4. Johnson, M. P., Costello, M. J. & D. O’Donnell. 2000. Techniques for the objective detection of pattern in chlorophyll samples at different temporal scales: an example using data from Lough Hyne, a seasonally stratified inlet. Hydrobiologia 421, 103-113.
5. Johnson, M. P., Costello, M. J. & O'Donnell, D. 1995. The nutrient economy of a marine inlet: Lough Hyne, south west Ireland. Ophelia 41, 137-151.