Dr N Yeates

School of Sociology and Social Policy
Queen's University Belfast

E-mail address: n.yeates@qub.ac.uk
School/Institute website address: www.qub.ac.uk/ssp

Biography and Irish Studies research interests
Nicola Yeates is a Lecturer in Social Policy in the School of Sociology and Social Policy. Before moving to Queen’s she was in the Department of Social Policy and Social Work and the Women’s Education, Research and Resource Centre, both at University College Dublin. She was Director of Academic Studies for the North-South Social Welfare Summer School of the Department for Social Development (Belfast) and Department of Social and Family Affairs (Dublin) from 2000 until 2003. Her research interests focus on social policy in Ireland, North and South, with particular reference to social security and health and social care policy and to the social inequalities these policies embody and reproduce. Nicola’s research interests also lie with the transnational and supra-national dimensions of social policy (Globalisation and Social Policy, Sage, 2001; Journal of Global Social Policy, Sage). In this regard, her research also examines the intersection of international migration and social policy with particular reference to care labour migration and its governance in the Irish context in historical and contemporary perspectives.

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Selected Publications

  1. 2004. ‘Broadening the scope of global care chain analysis: nurse migration in the Irish context’, Feminist Review (Palgrave) special issue Labour Migrations: women on the move (eds Eleonore Kofman and Parvati Raghuram), issue 77: 79-95.
  2. 2003. ‘Common Origins, Different Paths: Adaptation and Change in Social Security in Britain and Ireland’ (with M. Daly), Policy and Politics, The Policy Press, 31(1): 85-97.
  3. 2002. ‘The Disabled Jobless and Social Security in Ireland, North and South’, in Nicola Yeates and Grace Kelly (eds), Social Security and Poverty in Ireland North and South, QUB Social Security Research Group/ Statistics and Research Branch, Department for Social Development, Belfast.
  4. 1999. ‘Gender, Familism and Housing: matrimonial property rights in Ireland’, pp. 607-618. Women's Studies International Forum, Pergamon, 22(6): 607-618.
  5. 1999. ‘Gender and the Biopolitics of Welfare in Ireland’ (with E. McLaughlin), Irish Journal of Feminist Studies, Cork University Prss, 3(2): 49-69.