Dr R Miller

School of Sociology & Social Policy
Queen’s University Belfast

School/Institute website address: www.qub.ac.uk/ssp
E-mail: r.miller@qub.ac.uk

Biography of and Irish Studies research interests
United States citizen resident in Northern Ireland since 1972. My academic research interests in social mobility across my career have been closely bound up with the dissemination of results from Northern Ireland. During the 1980s, I carried out a large amount of policy-relevant research on access to higher education and the early career experiences of Northern Ireland graduates. I also have had a long-standing interest in equality of opportunity issues in Northern Ireland. This includes carrying out for the Fair Employment Agency the main investigation of religious discrimination in the Northern Ireland Civil Service and regular publication of equality-related research findings.
I presently am Deputy Director of the ARK Project – Social & Political Archive for Northern Ireland. This primarily web-based set of multiple resources is linked together by a philosophy of making social science information on Northern Ireland available to the widest possible public.

Useful website addresses

Selected Publications
1. 1996 Women and Political Participation in Northern Ireland. Aldershot: Avebury (with R.W. Wilford and F. O’Donoghue).
2. 1997 ‘Education Cohort Generations in Northern Ireland, 1922-1972’. Irish Journal of Sociology 7.
3. 2001 ‘The Industrial Context of Social Mobility: Change in structure’. Research in Social Stratification and Mobility 18.
4. 2004 ‘Social Mobility in Northern Ireland – Patterns by Religion and Gender’. In Robert D. Osborne and Ian Shuttleworth (eds.), Fair Employment Policy: A Generation On. Belfast: Blackstaff.
5. ‘Public Opinion On Fair Employment Issues: Evidence from the Northern Ireland Social Attitudes Surveys’. In J. McVey and Nigel Hutson (eds.), Employment Equality in Northern Ireland, Volume 3: Public Views and Experiences of Fair Employment and Equality Issues in Northern Ireland. Belfast: Standing Advisory Commission on Human Rights.