Dr S Royle

School of Geography
Queen’s University Belfast

School/Institute website address: www.qub.ac.uk/geog/
E-mail address: s.royle@qub.ac.uk

Biography and Irish Studies research interests
I have lectured human geography at Queen’s since 1976. My research interests include islands and settlement, in contemporary and historical settings. This has found expression in Ireland, although the island work has seen me research around the world, especially the South Atlantic. I am Co-Director of the University’s Centre of Canadian Studies. This has Irish connections, for example regarding a project on 18th century migration from Ulster to North America. My work on Ireland has seen many publications on the offshore islands; such research developed my interest in island studies generally. My other Irish focus has been on Belfast, largely expressed in work on the Irish Historic Towns Atlas series, with the Royal Irish Academy.

My community involvement includes a long association with the Geographical Association and interaction with Northern Ireland secondary schools. I have been Chief Examiner in A level Geography for CCEA and its predecessors since 1990. I am past president of the:

  • Geographical Association (Belfast Branch);
  • Ulster Society for Irish Historical Studies (I am probably the only non-historian to have held this office);
  • Geographical Society of Ireland.
  • I serve on the [Irish] National Committee for Geography and represent Ireland on the Council for British Geography.

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Selected Publications
1. 2003 Gillespie, R. and Royle, S.A. Belfast Part 1, to 1840. Irish Historic Towns Atlas No. 12, Royal Irish Academy: Dublin in association with Belfast City Council: Belfast.
2. 2003 Royle, S.A. ‘Exploitation and celebration of the heritage of the Irish islands’, Irish Geography, 36.1, pp. 23-31.
3. 2001 Royle, S.A. A geography of islands: small island insularity, Routledge: London.
4. 1999 Royle, S.A. ‘From the periphery of the periphery: historical, cultural and literary perspectives on emigration from the minor islands of Ireland’, in R. King and J. Connell (eds.) Small worlds, global lives: islands and migration, Pinter: London and New York, pp. 27-54.
5. 1994 Jupp, P.J. and Royle, S.A. ‘The social geography of Cork City elections 1801-30’, Irish Historical Studies, XXIX, no. 113, pp. 13-43.