Ms A Croft

History of Art, School of Languages, Literatures and Arts
Queen's University Belfast

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Biography and Irish Studies research interests
Currently Acting Head of the History of Art department at QUB, my main area of research is Contemporary Northern Irish art (painting, print, public sculpture and the gallery system). I also curate exhibitions and produce material for catalogues and reviews on a regular basis resulting in a close working relationship with the public and private galleries in Belfast.

I am also the Art Advisor and Curator for the UTV Art Collection – one of Ireland’s largest corporate collections of contemporary Irish art. My responsibilities include the updating and publication of the Collection catalogue, the development of an educational/community based programme of regular exhibitons and the acquisition of new work for the Collection.

I am particularly interested in the differing generational responses to the ‘documentation’ and visual interpretations of the socio-political situation in the North of Ireland from the 1970s onwards, and am also concerned with issues relating to contemporary Public Art in Northern Ireland.

Selected Publications
1. 2004 Article on contemporary Northern Irish art for Ireland’s Antiques and Period Properties, November
2. 2004 Colin Davidson. No Continuing City. Tom Caldwell Gallery, Belfast ISBN 0 900903 953
3. 2003 “The 20th Century Irish Woman Artist” in A Buyer’s Guide to Irish Art, 3rd Edition, Ashville Media
Press, Dublin pp.33-39 ISBN 0 9537 39244
4. 2003 Richard Croft. The Longer View. The Lodge Studio, Dundrum, Co.Down. ISBN 0 900903 782
5. 2001 “Northern Exposure” in A Buyer’s Guide to Irish Art, 2nd Edition, Ashville Press, Dublin pp.31-37 ISBN 09537 39228