Ms P Devine

Institute of Governance, Public Policy and Social Research
Queen’s University Belfast

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Biography and Irish Studies research interests
Paula Devine is Research Director of ARK (Northern Ireland Social and Politcal Archive), which is a joint Queen’s University/University project. At Queen’s, ARK is based in the Institute of Governance, Public Policy and Social Research. ARK provides access to social and political material to the widest possible audience, mainly via its website at

In particular, Paula has been extensively involved in measuring social attitudes in Northern Ireland, both through the Northern Ireland Social Attitudes Survey (1989 – 1996) and the Northern Ireland Life and Times Survey (since 1998). Both these surveys record the attitudes of adults in Northern Ireland to a range of social attitudes surveys. In addition, the Young Life and Times Survey records the views of young people aged 16.

Paula also directs the ARK Research Centre, which provides support to organisations and individuals who wish to carry out analyses of survey datasets, but do not have the resources, expertise or personnel to undertake such analyses themselves. Some of this work is undertaken with voluntary and community groups on a pro-bono basis.

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Selected Publications
1.2004, Social Attitudes in Northern Ireland: the 9th Report, Pluto Press (ed with Katrina Lloyd, Ann Marie Gray and Deirdre Heenan)
2.2004, Cinderfella (finally) goes to the ball, in ‘Social Attitudes in Northenr Ireland: the 9th Report', Pluto Press (with Colin Fowler)
3.2002, Social Attitudes in Northern Ireland: the 8th Report, Pluto Press (ed with Katrina Lloyd, Ann Marie Gray, Gillian Robinson and Deirdre Heenan)
4. 1998, Segmentation and the Social Structure, in Mitchell P and Wilford R (eds), Politics in Northern Ireland, Colarado: Westview Press (with Richard Breen)
5. 1998, Is there a gender gap in Political Attitudes in Ireland?, in Ward E, Galligan Y and Wilford R (eds), Contesting Politics: Women in Ireland, Northern and South, Colarado: Westview Press (with Freda Donoghue)