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School of English
Queen’s University Belfast

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Biography and Irish Studies Research Interests
Brian Caraher is Chair of English Literature (since 1993) and Head of Graduate Teaching and Research in the School of English (since 1996) at Queen’s University Belfast. He has held fulltime posts at Eastern Illinois University (1980-82) and Indiana University (1982-93), postdoctoral fellowships at Northwestern (SCT, 1981) and Vanderbilt (Mellon, 1984) and a Senior Fulbright Guest Professorship and Danish Research Academy Award at Aarhus University, Denmark (1992-93). His principal interest in Irish Studies lies with the work of James Joyce, about whom he has written widely in various books and in journals such as ELH, JJQ, The Irish Review, Textual Practice, Works and Days and elsewhere. He has also researched and written on Finley Peter Dunne, Maria Edgeworth, T C McGinley (Kinnfaela), Thomas Moore, Oscar Wilde, W B Yeats, and the question of Irish literary regionalism, among other Irish Studies interests.

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Selected Publications
1. 2004. “A ‘ruin of all space, shattered glass and toppling masonry: Joyce’s Orientalism in the Context of 11 September 2001 and 1922.” Textual Practice 18.3 (forthcoming August 2004).
2. 2002. “Protocols of Reading Joyce.” Joyce’s Audiences. Ed. John Nash. Amsterdam and New York: Rodopi. Pages 153-77.
3. 2001. “Semicolonial Cities and Triestine Joyce: The Cultural Politics of Reading Joyce’s Homeplaces.” James Joyce Quarterly (JJQ) 38.2: 505-518.
4. 2000. “Edgeworth, Wilde and Joyce: Reading Irish Regionalism through ‘the cracked looking glass’ of a Servant’s Art.” Ed. Glenn Hooper and Leon Litvack. Pages 123-39.
5. 1999. “Cultural Politics and the Reading of ‘Joyce’: Cultural Semiotics, Socialism, Irish Autonomy and ‘Scritti Italiani’.” James Joyce Quarterly (JJQ) 36.2: 171-214.