Prof. H Donnan

School of Anthropological Studies
Queen's University Belfast

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Biography and Irish Studies Research Interests
Professor of Social Anthropology at QUB, Member of the Royal Irish Academy, and former President of Anthropological Association of Ireland. Have carried out research on sectarian social relations in Northern Ireland. Recently completed Sports Council for Northern Ireland funded project on sporting migrants and an EU funded project on Social Exclusion and Border Towns and Cities in Europe. For the last ten years have been working on international state borders, and am currently engaged on fieldwork along the Irish border on issues of identity and cross-border contact.

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Selected Publications
1. 1997, Culture and Policy in Northern Ireland, Institute of Irish Studies (with Graham McFarlane, eds.)
2. 1994, Irish Urban Cultures, Institute of Irish Studies (with T. M. Wilson and C. Curtin, eds.)
3. 1989, Social Anthropology and Public Policy in Northern Ireland, Avebury (with Graham McFarlane, eds.)
4. 1986, Social Anthropology and the Sectarian Divide in Northern Ireland, Royal Anthropological Institute (with Graham McFarlane)
5. 1999, Borders: Frontiers of Identity, Nation and State, Berg (with T. M. Wilson)