Prof. K Milton

School of Anthropological Studies
Queen's University Belfast

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Biography and Irish Studies research interests
Since the early 1980s my main field of research has been environmental and ecological anthropology. More specifically, I have focused on the environmental movement in Britain and Ireland, and particularly on groups concerned with the conservation of nature and the countryside. In the late 1980s I conducted two funded research projects on environmental issues in Northern Ireland, one of which produced a report for the voluntary sector on the state of government policy and practice on conservation. I conducted participatory fieldwork with NGOs such as the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), the Ulster Wildlife Trust, the National Trust, Northern Ireland Environment Link, and several smaller organisations. I also served on advisory committees to government in Northern Ireland. These included the Council for Nature Conservation and the Countryside, the Lagan Valley Regional Park Committee and the Strangford Lough Management Committee. This research has yielded around 30 publications, 11 of which either address a specifically Irish theme, or draw heavily on my fieldwork in Ireland. Although this fieldwork largely came to an end in 2000, I continue to take both a personal and a professional interest in local environmental issues.

Selected Publications
1. 2002 Loving nature: towards an ecology of emotion, London and New York: Routledge.
2. 1997 ‘Modernity and Postmodernity in the Northern Irish Countryside’, in H. Donnan and G. McFarlane (eds) Culture and Public Policy in Northern Ireland: 17-35, Belfast: Institute of Irish Studies.
3. 1994 ‘Land-use management and planning in Ireland’, in A. Fenton and D. Gillmor, Rural Land Use on the Atlantic Periphery of Europe: Scotland and Ireland: 209-19, Dublin: Royal Irish Academy.
4. 1993 ‘Land or Landscape: rural planning policy and the symbolic construction of the countryside’, in M. Murray and J. Greer, Rural Development in Ireland: 120-50, London: Avebury.
5. 1990 Our Countryside Our Concern: The policy and practice of conservation in Northern Ireland, Belfast: Northern Ireland Environment Link.