Prof. M O'Dowd

School of History
Queen’s University Belfast

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Biography and Irish Studies research interests
I first came to Queen’s in 1977 as a Junior Research Fellow at the Institute of Irish Studies. I was appointed lecturer in the School of Modern History at Queen's in 1978 (senior lecturer since 1992). I received a doctorate from the National University of Ireland, Dublin in 1979. My research interests and publications have concentrated on early modern Ireland and, particularly, in recent years, on women and gender. I was a founding member of the Women’s History Association of Ireland and served as president of the WHAI, 1998-2000. I was also a member of the Management Committee of the Women’s History Project which listed and edited sources for the history of women in Ireland. In 2003, I was awarded a collaborative grant (in conjunction with Dr Gerardine Meaney of University College Dublin and Dr Bernadette Whelan of Univesity of Limerick) under the HEA north-south scheme to work on a research project entitled Women and Public Life in 20th Century Ireland. I am currently the History Editor of the Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy¸ Section C and a member of the Irish Manuscripts Commission.

Selected Publications
1. 1991 Power, Politics and Land, Early Modern Sligo, 1568-1688 (Institute of Irish Studies, Belfast).
2. 1999 `Women and the Irish Chancery Court in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries' in Irish Historical Studies (November 1999), pp 470-87.
3 . 2000 Calendar of State Papers Ireland, 1571-1574 (Public Record Office, London).
4. 2002 Editor with Angela Bourke, Siobhán Kilfeather, Maria Luddy, Margaret MacCurtain, Gerardine Meaney, Máirín Ní Dhonnchadha, Mary O’Dowd and Clair Willis of Field Day Anthology of Irish Writing, Volumes 4 and 5 (Cork University Press, 2002). Editor of Section on 'Politics, 1500-2000', vol. 5, pp 6-460; and section editor of 'Property, Work and Home: Women and the Economy, c. 1170-1850', vol. 5, pp 464-529; ' Interpreting the Past: Women's History and Women Historians, 1840-1945', vol. 5, pp 1102-1121.
5. 2004 A History of Women in Ireland, 1500-1800 (forthcoming September, Pearson Longman).