Prof. R Wilford

School of Politics & International Studies
Queen’s University Belfast

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Biography and Irish Studies research interests
At Queen’s since 1980, I have written a variety of articles and books on Northern Ireland’s politics, most recently in relation to the outworking of devolution since 1999. This recent work has focused on the legislative and policy initiatives of the Northern Ireland Executive and the Northern Ireland Assembly during their fitful existence. This work, besides appearing in learned journals and texts, has received widespread local coverage resulting in invitations to address local community organisations, schools, colleges and statutory bodies, and in acting as a consultant to the NI Human Rights Commission and the House of Lords’ Select Committee on the Constitution. I also appear regularly on the local and national media to comment on NI politics. Under the aegis of the School of Politics I also introduced an internship scheme for final year undergraduates that embraces the NI Assembly, the Equality Commission and the Office of the Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland.

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Selected Publications
1. 2004, ‘Northern Ireland: resolving an ancient quarrel?’ in M O’Neill (ed), Devolution and British Politics, Pearson Longman.
2. 2004, ‘Northern Ireland: Renascent?’ in A Trench (ed), Has Devolution Made a Difference? The State of the Nations 2004, Imprint Academic.
3. 2003, ‘Northern Ireland Assembly’ in D Roe (ed), Dod’s Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland Companion, Vacher Dod.
4. 2003, ‘Northern Ireland’s Devolved Institutions’, Regional and Federal Studies, Vol 13, No 1.
5. 2001, Aspects of the Belfast Agreement, Oxford University Press.