Noel C Mitchel

Noel Mitchel
Noel Mitchel

Noel Mitchel is a Queen's graduate in Geography and Economics (1947). His academic career started as an Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Geography, Glasgow University which was followed by five years in University College Ibadan, Nigeria, then one of the four colonial institutions connected with the University of London. He returned to Queen's in 1958 as a Lecturer in Geography and retired as a Senior Lecturer in 1991. He was the University's International Liaison Officer, 1986-89, and a founder member of Canadian Studies.

In 1962 he was Visiting Assistant Professor in the University of British Columbia and in 1969, Associate Professor. Noel Mitchel held a Visiting Lectureship in the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, 1966-67, Fellow of the Salzburg Seminar in 1975 and of the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies in 1979. He became a member of the Institute of Irish Studies in 1990 in charge of setting up and running the course on Cultural Heritage for teachers.

Publications are mainly concerned with Nigeria, New Zealand and Ireland and include: Nigeria an American Geographical Society's Focus publication (1952); 'Yoruba Towns' in Essays on African Population eds Barbour and Prothero (1962); 'The Ulster Special Settlements in the Bay of Plenty' in Ulster Folk Life (1970); 'Ulster and the Bay of Plenty' in Familia (1989); Northern Ireland from the Air ed. Common (1964); Guide to the Giant's Causeway, National Trust publication; 'The Lower Bann Fisheries' in Ulster Folk Life (1965); 'Irish Ports: Recent Developments' in Irish Geographical Studies eds Stephens and Glasscock (1970); Ireland: Divided Island, Geoforum (1971); 'The Irish Border in the 1980s' in Geplaatst in de tijd; Northern Ireland Lignite, Geoforum (1991); 'Human Settlement and Economy of the Lough Neagh Basin' in Lough Neagh: the Ecology of a Multipurpose Water Resource eds Wood and Smith (1993); Mourne Country Revisited (2000).

Research interests include use of air photographs, conservation issues, polar geography (initial experience gained with the New Zealand Antarctic Division of DSIR at Scott Base in the Ross Dependency).

Former Chairman of the Research Committee of the Northern Ireland Multiple Sclerosis Society, member of the Ulster Countryside Committee and the Council for Nature Conservation and the Countryside (1978-92), member of the Board of Management of Extra Mural Studies and University representative on UNESCO committee. Member of the Royal Irish Academy's National Committee for the Study of International Affairs, 1988-1991.