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Postgrad Associates

Angela Mazzetti Anthropology The long-term impact of growing up with the Troubles.
Kayla Rush Anthropology Performance, utopia, and the cracked art world: community arts in contemporary Northern Ireland.
Augusto Soares Anthropology Tracking online political sociality in Northern Ireland: social media engagement in a context of persistent antagonism and increasing diversity
Rena Maguire Archaeology The introduction of equestrianism to Late Iron Age Ireland
Molly Goyer Gorman Drama Communities in Play: the social value of youth drama groups in rural areas of Northern Ireland
David Jordan Economics The economics of devolution: evidence from Northern Ireland 1920-1972
Aline Muff Education Citizenship education and identity in Northern Ireland and Israel
Amy Burnside English Breaking the “rule of silence”: Speaking about trauma in contemporary Irish fiction. Supervisors: Dr Stefanie Lehner and Dr Eamonn Hughes
Portia Ellis-Woods English The peoples' voices and the public broadcaster: towards a cultural history of BBC Northern Ireland
Amy Finlay English Tracing Herstory: Irish lesbian writing in its historical paradigms. Supervisors: Dr Eamonn Hughes and Prof Moyra Haslett
Elaine Gaston English Self-Seeded: The place of dialect in the poetry of June Jordan and Jackie Kay.
Rachel Hanna English An examination of cross-cultural empathy and identity construction in the telling and reading of refugees' life stories
Chris Laverty English Seamus Heaney in America
Tara McEvoy English The poetry of 1970s Northern Ireland and the politics of reception. Supervisors: Prof Fran Brearton and Dr Gail McConnell 
Patrick Macfarlane English 'Labour in the poetry of W.B. Yeats'. Supervisors: Dr Gail McConnell and Prof Fran Brearton
Scott McKendry English A creative component in poetry and a critical analysis of the poetry of Alan Gillis in the context of working-class poets in Northern Ireland. Supervisors: Prof Sinead Morrissey and Dr Michael Pierse
Emma Kelly Film Studies  The 'piercing breach of a border': Irish cinema as a mediator of modern trauma. Supervised by Professor Cahal McLaughlin and Dr Stefanie Lehner
Mark Benson History The provision of abortion in Northern Ireland: 1900-1968
Morris Brodie History Transatlantic anarchism during the Spanish Civil War and Revolution, 1936-1939. Supervisor: Dr Paul Corthorn
Robert Cotter History John Cennick - Moravian evangelist?
Jack Crangle History Ethnic minority communities in twentieth-century Belfast. Supervisor: Prof Sean O'Connell
Shannon Devlin History Sibling relationships in nineteenth-century Ulster
Bridget Harrison History Cultural perceptions of Irish Roman Catholic women religious, 1849-1907
Matthew Houston History The churches, Northern Ireland, and the Second World War. Supervisor: Dr Andrew Holmes
Conleth McCloskey History The fullness of time: The cult of Collins in de Valera's Ireland
Grace McGrath History Power, profit, plantocracy and the emancipation war. Supervisors: Prof Catherine Clinton and Prof Peter Gray
Rachel Wallace History 'Gay is Good': Gay rights and social justice in Belfast and Boston post-1945. Supervisors: Prof Mary O'Dowd and Dr Anthony Stanonis

Jody Buckley-Coogan

Irish A linguistic analysis of early Irish legal glosses and commentaries.  Supervisors: Prof. Greg Toner and Prof. Mícheál Ó Mainnín

Padraig McGonagle

Irish Éamon de Valera's relationship with the Irish language. Supervisors: Dr Marcas Mac Coinnigh and Prof Fearghal McGarry

Órla McGrory

Irish The Irish language and legislative translation, 1922-1937. Supervisor: Prof Greg Toner

Rebecca Try

Irish A King without a court: King Arthur and Fionn Mac Cumhaill. Supervisors: Prof Greg Toner and Dr Sharon Arbuthnot
Conor McCormick Law Constitutional Position of Law Officers in the UK (including the Attorney General for Northern Ireland)
Clare Rice Law Intersectional discrimination in divided societies: the case of Northern Ireland and Belgium
Ciara Conway Music John O'Keeffe and William Shield: a collaboration in eighteenth-century comic opera. Supervisors: Dr Sarah McCleave and Dr Kurt Taroff
Erica Frazier Politics The green new deals of Great Britain, Ireland and Northern Ireland: a critical discourse analysis 
Sophie Long Politics Ulster Loyalism and the politics of misrecognition
Jamie Pow Politics

Citizen-based post-conflict democracy.

Northern Slant blog
Ashleigh McFeeters Sociology The role of the media in peace-building in post-conflict societies (Northern Ireland and Sri Lanka). Supervisors: Prof John Brewer and Dr Julia Paul

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