Meet Our Students

Meet Our Students

Name: Camilla Thompsell
Studying: BSc Geography
From: England, UK

I chose to study at Queen’s for a number of reasons: its fantastic academic reputation as a Russell Group University; the huge variety of course modules available; the range of Study Abroad programmes available to students and its location within the welcoming and buzzing city of Belfast.

After visiting the University and meeting the students and staff I knew that this was the place for me.  During my course I have been given the opportunity to discover and explore a wide range of geography topics.  Queen’s has developed my employability by equipping me with transferable skills such as presentation, communication, organisation and leadership. Just as important, Queen’s has developed me as a person.

Name: Lauren Halstead
Studying: BSc Archaeology
From: Virginia, USA

I always knew I wanted to study in the UK and when I came to Queen's I just knew this was the place for me.  I loved my Archaeology modules and I have had the opportunity to be involved in excavation work as part of my course, which I know will really set me apart from other people when it comes to getting a job.

I have loved living in Belfast, the people as so welcoming and kind and I have never had a bad experience while living here.

Name: Claire Burns
Studying: MSc Archaeology and Environment
From: Northern Ireland

After studying Ancient History and Archaeology at undergraduate level I wanted to progress in my studies to further my knowledge in the Archaeology industry.

The main things I like about my courses is the one to one tuition which you get from the lecturing staff.  They have wealth of knowledge in their subject areas and this is a great help at this level.

Name: Victoria Woodard
Studying: MSc Dating and Chronology
From: Massachusetts, USA

I have always had an interest in Archaeology and when I finished my undergradute course in the USA, I wanted to specialise in chronology.  One of the main advantages to me studying at Queen's is that my MSc is done in one year, and is delivered by some of the leading academics in the field of Dating and Chronology.

I love living in Belfast, there is always something to do in the city.  I have also met so many people from the USA who are also studying here, the University has a real diverse range of students from all over the world.

Name: William Brown
Studying: BEng Hons Civil Engineering
From: Northern Ireland

You think, 'I'm going to be an engineer... put things in the ground, build things', but I have friends [on the course] going into finance, marketing, accountancy... all different sorts of industries, so the skills are all very transferable. With civil engineering you could go anywhere across the world; you could be underground mining in Australia, to the coalfields of Northern Canada. It really is limitless...

The course teaches you how to think like an engineer, which is what employers are after. Someone who can think on their feet, make quick decisions... that's the employability factor. My placement year was with a local engineering company called MacLaughlin and Harvey. I worked on a local Northern Ireland project - the famous Gobbins path reconstruction.

Name: Sam Mathers
Studying: BSc Hons Architecture
From: Northern Ireland

Architecture isn't really just all about building buildings... it's more about problem-solving. Queen's offers a combination of the creative and the technical routes... and does so very well.

You learn a lot about yourself, and you learn how to learn new skills as well. 

Name: Emma Visser
Studying: MSc Environmental Planning
From: Newcastle, England

You can learn all the theory and learn all about what has happened, but you also need to have those practical skills. The course's accreditation gives you a variety of options, allowing you to work in a variety of places, from local councils to private consultancies.

The extra-curricular support you get is outstanding. The people that they put you in touch with in order to develop your career-skills and support you when applying for jobs.

Name: Pippa Southall
Studying: MArch Architecture

Architecture is something that can improve people's lives and have an effect on a wider scale. I enjoy the planning stages of a building, working on the problem-solving of it all.

I've loved living in Belfast. People are really friendly and it's a great city.

"Belfast lives up to it's reputation as a treasure with an incredible atmosphere"
National Geographic
Traveler 2012

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