Environmental Change and Resilience

Environmental Change and Resilience Research Cluster

Director: Dr Helen Roe
Telephone: +44 (0) 28 9097 5148

The Environmental Change research cluster focuses on how the Earth's environments have changed, or are changing, over a range of different time scales from 50k years to the near instantaneous. There are strong bio-ecological, geomorphological and chronological traditions in our research, which are combined in both Late-Quaternary and Holocene studies as well as in contemporary and future considerations.

Members of the cluster work on a variety of interdisciplinary themes including rock weathering, peatland and carbon budget studies, soil erosion, geoforensics, geostatistics, past and present sea-level change, biological and isotopic proxies for past environment, climate and landscape change, and high-precision chronological reconstruction using AMS 14C dating in the SPUR funded 14CHRONO Centre, tephrochronology, dendrochronology and statistical techniques. The cluster members collaborate at the national and international level and their work informs not only the scientific community but industry and government.