EPSRC Global Challenge Research Workshop


The workshop was organised by a team from Queen’s University Belfast staff (QUB) working on sustainable construction materials (Dr Selim, Prof Soutsos, Prof Chen) and the National University of Civil Engineering (NUCE) in Vietnam. The programme included 15 speakers from QUB and NUCE (Architecture and Civil Engineering), a site visit to the Green City around Hanoi, and meetings with local industries and Dean of the faculty of building material.25 Vietnamese researchers and more than 50 students from NUCE were invited to exchange their expertise and knowledge, discuss future demands of research and development in Vietnam’s context.  The workshop stimulated a series of existing research and exchange collaboration on sustainable construction research in Architecture and civil engineering education and training between NUCE and the QUB. The workshop concluded with new ideas to develop research collaborative partnerships on a number of topics in sustainable construction suitable for relevant grant applications. The workshop was held for 4 days (31 Oct – 3 Nov 2016) alongside the ACF 2016 conference ‘Sustainable concrete for now and the future’ in Hanoi, Vietnam

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